Which is it?

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Which is it?
I am guessing most of you have seen this optical illusion before. Viewed with one set of eyes it's a duck, but stared at long enough it becomes a rabbit. Which is it? A rabbit that becomes a duck or a duck that becomes a rabbit? Most have figured out it is neither and both at the same time. That it is a purpose-made illustration that is its own entity. This question reminds me of a similar one in audio. Does a high-end music system exist to increase the pleasure of music or the fantasies of those in love with technology? I think it's a great question, one that sparks endless debate and angry words. Is it possible a high-end audio system is both a technological wonder to be appreciated on its own, as well as a system dedicated to the advancement of music? To me, it is like the illustration of the duck/rabbit. It is both. An entity all unto itself. It serves our lust for technology and our thirst for music.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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