When does cool outweigh practical?

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When does cool outweigh practical?

On a recent airplane flight I sat behind a fellow who wore one of Apple's new 3D goggles for the entire 3 hour flight. From my perspective it was weird. 

I am certain that from his perspective it was cool. You can watch movies, you can work your computer from mere eye movements.

And, closer to home, some of us are playing with 3D audio imaging using devices that track our head movements.

While some of these innovations will eventually lead us to some practical use cases, I wonder about where to draw the line for myself.

How cool does something have to be in order to use it? 

Most of use are ok wearing 3D glasses at the theater, but even that's a novelty rather than the standard.

For me, now, I am appreciative of the early adopters who brave up and take the plunge. Without their buy in we probably will never have enough forward momentum to get to the realm of practicality most of us require.

But, all this is certainly cool.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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