Does size matter?

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Does size matter?

I know, my old teenage male brain resurfaces with a smile when I read those words in the headline. I guess it never quite grows up. 

But the question of size remains, especially when it comes to loudspeakers.

I have said many times that loudspeaker cabinets can't really be too big or too small for a particular room—and I am not talking aesthetics here. A pair of FR30s or FR5s are going to do what they were designed to do in a room as big as our warehouse or as small as your family room. They might look ungainly or lost, but they'll still produce their intended sound.

That said, the one area where we might find agreement on size has to do with loudness. In order to fill a big room with sound you have to crank up the volume of any speaker more than you would in a smaller room. 

So it was with a good deal of wonder if the little stand mount FR5s were going to be able to play loud enough to fill that massive auditorium sized room we had at Chicago's Axpona show.

We were pleasantly surprised and delighted when the FR5 kicked booty.

Part way through the show we saw a fellow with what looked like a big Hollywood camera rig spending time photographing the FR5s. Chris Brunhaver nudged me and said "that's Jay from the YouTube channel, Jay's iyagi.

You can watch Jay's reaction and video presentation of the mighty FR5s by clicking here.


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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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