Feeling threatened

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Feeling threatened

On top of everything I delve into, as crazy and obsessive as I am, I find it fascinating that I am also constantly looking inward to figure out what makes me tick. One might ask why I do this and I don't have a frickin' clue.

But I do.

Whenever I run into the new, from products to ideas, I run through the gamut of emotions from instant acceptance to feeling threatened. A new circuit idea that works? At first a healthy dose of skepticism followed by total acceptance and gratitude.

A new social norm that doesn't feel in tune with my upbringing? Threatened at first, scoff second, acceptance or "meh" who cares? 

And then there's everything else in between.

I remember back when our German distributor (and my good friend), Jurgen, told me he was going to change the sound of our DAC instantly. He wasn't about to tell me how. He just demanded I listen and then he'd make some sort of change and I was to listen again.

Holy Moly. Big difference. He changed the damned fuse to a fancy one. Instantly I felt threatened.

That cannot be. But it was. I did some digging, figured out why, and we as a company changed our fuses to fix the problem.

Threatened, scoffed, discovered, accepted.

Today, I am comfortable with not playing the fuse game given the work we've done on getting it right.

I think the moral of the story is to be ok with our emotions, treating them as just part of the deal that makes us human.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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