Turbo charged Tesla

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Turbo charged Tesla

As my readers are no doubt aware I am fascinated by the scams and marketing ploys foisted upon us.

The latest came in the form of a postcard announcing we had only 5 days before the factory demanded updates for our Tesla expired, leaving us holding the bill for any eventual malfunction or damage that might someday occur.

Thankfully they supplied an 800 number for us to call. We could take care of this dilemma before it was too late.

On the one side of the post card they accurately identified the car, it's licence number and registration. Looked pretty official. On the other side, a picture of the vehicle type listing the cost of each function that we could be liable for in the event of a fault and the cost associated with it.

Heavens! $2,500 if my Tesla turbocharger failed. Or, $1,500 if its fuel system collapsed.

Of course, for those of you paying attention, none of this applies to my electric car.

All of this to get me to dial an 800 number.

They are getting better by the day.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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