Thud and Oomph

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Thud and Oomph

One of our contributors, Martin, made the following brief comment:

"To me, 'thud' is the same as 'oomph'...just spelled differently."

While we can argue all day long about the definition of words, I would suggest there's more of a common definition we might all want to agree to.

Thud and oomph, in my lexicon, are very different. A thud lacks transient information while an oomph combines both lows and highs.

Why does this matter and who cares?

One of the keys to our forward movement is to share a common language. Language is the tool we use to explain emotional responses to outside stimulus.

We know we're on the same page when we look at a group of colors. Point to the purple square and we can all agree it's that one

Describing auditory responses is more challenging.

When we hear thuds and oomphs in music, it's valuable when we all agree on what each term means and the differences they define.

The more we can agree on definitions the more we can move forward with a common goal.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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