One more thin mint

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Remember the Monty Python skit of the fat guy exploding after eating one more thin mint? When it comes to music, do we ever have enough?

When I look at my shelves full of physical media (CD's and albums) my first thought isn't that I need more - in fact my first thought is that I have lots and lots of music - where to even begin?

But when I open the iPad and click on my music collection and see all the wonderful music available, I want more. Why is that?

I think part of the answer may be a human trait and the other the beginning of a new dynamic.

I think the first part is simple and I'll give you a food analogy to explain it. When I sit down to a meal I look at it and my first reaction is that's perfect and plenty and it usually is. But if I discover something on my plate that is surprisingly delightful my first reaction is "I want more" that was really good! I think the same process unfolds when I listen to music. I start with something I like but then if it surprises and delights me, I dig around for more of the same.

The new dynamic is what interests me more. When I look at my physical media collection the last thing I want to do is root around and see what's in there I've forgotten - the exact opposite is true when I open my iPad and look at my music collection.

On my iPad collection there in front of me are hundreds of choices and each choice leads to another delicious treat just waiting - in fact so many surprisingly delightful choices that I begin to get nervous that should I want something I don't have I'll bedisappointed- so I get more just to make sure my every musical whim can be satisfied should the trail lead me there.

This new dynamic is unfolding in a wonderful way and brings me to want more, not less.

Sometimes it's ok to have just one more thin mint.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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