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The sorting order of a major music library is critical as I have written about as of late - composers by their last name, artists, orchestras and bands by the first/last names.

Once you get the sorting order right, then you start to really enjoy the power of your library and you find and listen to music you haven't in years. But then something else starts to happen - you want more - more music, more sorting abilities, more everything. It's nuts because I am not sure I would listen to more - I just want more to feel good.

My library of lossless music is sitting at 1.7tB and that gives me about 6,000 albums and nearly 70,000 tracks. A quick calculation on this would suggest I could listen end-to-end for close to a year. Truth is, I will probably never listen to even a quarter of what's in my library - yet I still want more.

I'll admit I am a pack rat, but this goes deeper and is worth noting.

Tomorrow I will suggest what I think is going on.

Yes, tomorrow, there will be more!

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