The way music is supposed to sound

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The way music is supposed to sound
Tell a false fact or a mistruth enough times and people will believe it to be accurate. I wonder if the same thing applies to music and its reproduction. Could it be that with enough repetition the hyper-compressed music of acts like Kanye West and Diddy is how music is supposed to sound? What happens when enough people who believe that is the standard by which all recording should live up to hear open expansive music? Will they then think it's wrong? It is conceivable that if enough people think MP3's and earbuds are the standards by which music is expected to be listened to that someday LP's and CD's will to them sound bad. Cultural shifts often happen because enough people go in a common direction. Even if it is in the wrong direction. When that common direction is in a direct opposite path than what we as audiophiles have come to accept as real and right, there's a risk it will become the norm. For some, it likely is the norm.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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