The speed of time

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The speed of time

Most of us have figured out how variable the speed of time is. What's the old saying about watching a pot of water boil or staring at a tomato in the hopes of turning it from green to red?

Even in my day to day activities I often check my watch to see if time is moving slowly or quickly. If I am doing something close to drudgery it moves at the speed of running in sand. Listening to wonderfully reproduced music it can fly by in an instant.

Remember back to when you were a kid. It felt like a lifetime before summer came around. Now, older, the days and years fly by.

Which is to say that the precision of what we think of as a clock is not really time. It is counting accurate intervals. Referring to it as time is perhaps misleading.

When we put our engineering efforts into building clocks that have unimaginably accurate intervals, that's not time but it is timing.

A semantic difference to be sure, but hopefully easy to see the difference.  

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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