The power of community

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The power of community
Every passion driven enterprise seems to have its community and high-end audio is no different. Members helping other members without much in the way of competition. Our Community Forums are one of the most widely read online audiophile gathering places on the web. It's an open and friendly place that exists not just for PS Audio customers but anyone with any equipment interested in the same things we all are. Music and its reproduction. While many other forums seem a dangerous place in which its members might rip into an innocent question, chastise newbies for their ignorance, replay some communal rant, or push forward a sensationalist's agenda fueled by advertising dollars, ours is a calmer safer place. The power of community grows when members feel encouraged and help and advice are freely offered without judgment or malice. I like to think of it as our HiFi Family. Sure, there's the occasional bickering and squabbling as in any family, but for the most part, we're a supportive group with the goal of elevating everyone. The real beauty of community is leveraging the combined knowledge and wisdom of thousands—something no organization could replicate internally. I hope you have a chance to join our community if you're new to it. We welcome you.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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