The power of a dead end

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The power of a dead end
Few of us like landing at the end of the road with only a U-turn back to the beginning as a reward. And yet, dead-end streets are often the circuitous path we must take to open doors. Had I not spent two years heading down multiple dead ends designing the next generation of power amplifier for PS Audio, I would never have considered adding BHK and vacuum tubes to a product line that eschewed the glowing fire bottles for nearly half a century. It was the dead-end streets that opened the doors to new pathways I could never have predicted. I know plenty of audiophiles who have struggled, time and again, with one solution or another. Yet, those same people have eventually wound up with some of the best solutions in system building I know of—or are on a path to that same success. If you're stuck in your quest for better performance from your hifi system, don't despair. It may be you're on the first phase of a journey that's going to include a few setbacks—and that's alright. Our performance advisors are on the phones and email constantly helping out stranded travelers along their path to audio bliss. There's truly no need to feel alone in your journey. Often, dead-ends convert to superhighways. It just takes a bit of perseverance and helpful advice.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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