The Language Of Sound

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The Language Of Sound

We spend so many words describing sound it’s a shame we cannot easily demonstrate it instead.

When I hear something new like better openness or increased depth of soundstage in a fresh design, it is instantly recognized. I don’t need more than a brief moment to hear those differences any more than the time it takes to witness a visual change. But, trying to then communicate those differences with language alone becomes a serious challenge.

What a perfect opportunity for the proverbial magic wand. I could wave that tiny baton at my system and anyone wishing to experience what I just heard could join the party.

Words would no longer be needed.

I’ve had a little success with recording changes in sound with my video camera—and shared them with our YouTube audience—a mind-numbing fact when you consider the quality of the cameras’ internal microphone.

The best way to brush past the need for language is a great home audio system.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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