Audio Personality

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Audio Personality

Each of our systems has its own, unique, personality. Mine is big, open, spacious, and revealing. Others might be described as delicate, faithful, and impressive.

Adjectives aside, I wonder how much our own personalities match those of our systems? We’ve all seen the photos of dogs and owners looking alike.

I know for a fact that I tune my systems to match my tastes in music and its reproduction. As well, I suspect my tastes are shaped by my personality which, if I am observant at all, seems to be an obvious fact.

So if our systems match our personalities, how accurate is it to suggest our ultimate goals are for the honest recreation of the live musical event—as if the term “accurate” was measurable and inviolate?

Perhaps the truth is we design our systems to match reality as we perceive it, which might answer a lot of persistent questions we talk so much about in these pages.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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