The great reveal

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The great reveal

One of the conundrums of high end audio is its revealing nature. The better the system the more obvious both the flaws and wonders of a recording.

We sometimes refer to this as a double edged sword because it occasionally leads to a narrowing of musical choices. 

In a sense, this revealing quality of a system is similar to the refinement of personal tastes in all manner of things from food to fashion. Once I tasted better foods it was hard to go back to where I began.

What's interesting to me is that once I got a taste of a highly revealing system and all its wonders like imaging, tonal balance, and full range performance, it's near impossible to accept anything less.

Maybe the great reveal is more of an awakening into things better than a restriction of what once seemed ok.

You get a taste of the good life and it's hard to go back.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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