The future is coming

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The future is coming

My son, Lon, sent me a few links to something rather amazing. A true 3D billboard.

Have a look at how Nike presents itself here:

Or, this tiger, here.

What's truly fascinating about this technology is a few things. First and foremost there are no 3D glasses required. It's as if the image were coming out from the billboard in real time. And, it works at any angle someone is standing at.

How's it work? Basically, there are two huge curved LCD screens. Each is presenting a slightly different image. In front of the two screens is a tricky polarizing filter that helps your eyes see different views to create that 3D image.

Other than the fact I am a total techno nerd, why is it I am bringing it to your attention? Several reasons: first, I suspect most of my readers are also techno nerds. Second, how long before smaller versions of this technology appear in homes so that we might watch 3D movies without those cumbersome glasses? And third, I wonder if there's anything to learn about 3D audio?

Perhaps people much smarter than me can chime in.

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