The full experience

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The full experience

Ok, I'll admit it. I can't stand the smell of roses. They're really pretty flowers, but the smell!

For all the other flowers, it's a real treat to soak in their color, inhale their lovely scent, view them from every angle. It's the full experience I really like, narrowing my attention to that single point of beauty.

And I am closer to that now with our stereo system. With Darren Myer's new Stellar Phono in Music Room Two, and the properly setup Lyra cartridge tracking the grooves, I have found myself warming back up to vinyl, to the full experience I once enjoyed: fondling the album and its cover, carefully lowering the needle onto just the right spot, handling the disc with care.

Digital still holds sway over my listening habits, but the full experience of vinyl—that visceral experience—is creeping back into my soul. I find myself thinking more about it and smiling with anticipation.

There's little in HiFi that matches the full monty of touch, feel, smell, and fondle of vinyl.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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