The Conditions Of Best

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The Conditions Of Best

“I’ve got the best DAC in the world.”

Yes, we believe that’s probably true for a given circumstance because “best” is such a relative term.

“I am on my best behavior,” is likely true for that moment as well.

I’ll bet most people who have generously donated their system’s picture here have put their best foot forward. Most know that no matter how great their system is there’s always something better just around the corner, or is there? Could it be that’s the proverbial greener grass scenario we’ve all heard of?

Maybe it’s ok to proclaim best even when we’re certain there’s something else that’s better.

I know there are better sounding systems than my own, but when the lights dim and those first notes waft through the air, and magic happens, I’d be hard pressed to imagine anything better.

Enjoy your best efforts.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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