Reconnecting With Your System

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Reconnecting With Your System

When spring hits I like to disconnect the entire stereo system, clean up a winter’s worth of clutter, put it all back together again and enjoy a renewed sound.

Like most years spring has already come and gone. Now were in the first few days of summer. Enough procrastination! Time to dedicate a Saturday or Sunday to refresh the system.

In my setup, the power amplifiers are separated from the source gear by a long set of interconnects, which means I mentally divide the tasks in two: the speaker half and the source half. Because the source half has so many more connections and cabling I start there by disconnecting everything and gently placing the interconnecting and power cables on the floor in front of the shelf. Then, on to the speaker side.

It’s an all-day exercise but once cleaned up, reconnected, and good to go, I am reminded how important it is to reconnect not only the gear but me.

Yes, me.

This ritual cleaning has more to do with connections than just de-oxidizing connectors. It gets me closer to the gear.

Like the ritual of hand car washing, reconnecting ourselves to our system tunes both the sound and ourselves.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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