Setting moods

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Setting moods

Ok, I must admit I was a bit shocked to read some of the comments and letters to me about yesterday's post.

To be clear, it was an April Fool's joke. (Joke's aren't usually too funny when you have to explain them).

But, on the main subject of that joke post—setting the right mood for a listening session or for the building of your audio room—it is a really, really important consideration for your music room. And that's not a joke.

Mood setting is why we turn the lights on low. It's why we try and choose the right seating, perhaps the color choices or the artwork that adorns our walls in the listening room.

At Octave Studios (knowing that decor decisions are absolutely not my forte), my wife, Terri and my daughter in law, Tina, rolled up their sleeves and set the mood in every inch of that space: wall colors, rugs, furnishings, lighting, decorations.

It looks and feels amazing. It's rare when a musician first sets foot in that studio and doesn't feel like it's a warm and welcoming space to make music.

Mood setting is essential to musical enjoyment.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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