Secret ingredients

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Secret ingredients

You cannot light a sheep on fire.

If that particular endeavor happened to be on your bucket list, then I apologize for ruining your day and shortening your list.

The secret ingredients in sheep's wool comes from a high content of nitrogen and water that, together, require more oxygen than is available for ignition.

Secret ingredients are often what makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary: adding pudding to cake mixes for a moister crumb, coca leaves (stripped of cocaine) for Coca Cola (the name kind of says it all), and special metals in wire and fuses for better sound.

Nearly all products in high-end audio tout some sort of secret formula, technology, or ingredients that make them special. It's what we highlight in our descriptions of the product and what we're oftentimes most proud of.

But, secret ingredients often extend to individuals and their systems. I can't tell you the number of times I've been told the "secret sauce" an audiophile has employed to wring magic from their collection of boxes, wires, and room.

What's cool about audiophiles is our penchant for sharing our "secrets".

Perhaps they'd be more accurately described as formulas for success.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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