Reviewer's challenge

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I do not envy the work of an audio reviewer. Sure, there are plenty of perks, like getting to play with all the new kit, but with it comes responsibility as well as challenges.

Imagine inserting a new piece of gear in your system every other week, passing judgment on its merits, then writing something fresh and interesting about it. That's tough.

The better their reference system, the easier for them to hear both good and bad, though the issue of synergy always rears its head. We've discussed this very problem over the past few days. Cables, front ends, room acoustics, speaker choices, all play a role in the end sound product. It takes years of experience and great skill to see beyond those colorations in order to get the true measure of a new product.

I can recall sessions with reviewers where I heard an obvious flaw and worried it was the fault of our product under review—only to be told it's ok—the issue was on their side and known to them.

No, I don't envy the reviewer's job, but I am thankful for their efforts.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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