Remembering CES

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Remembering CES
This May of 2021 marks the tenth year I've been writing this daily post. To date, I've written well over 3,000 of them. I am honored when people take the time to read what I have written. Thank you. It was my friend and fellow Audiophile, Seth Godin, that inspired me to begin writing a daily missive. And it was Seth who assured me I wouldn't run out of topics to write about. All it took, he said, was a leap of faith. I lept off the ledge and never regretted it for a moment. Looking back on that first post I was surprised by the subject's length. If you're interested in reading how the sausage is made, with an overview of what used to be the main audio show, CES, have a look at it here. And, thank you for all the kind words, community, and support you've offered in return. It means everything to me.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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