Pretty faces

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Pretty faces

We all love a pretty face.

Pretty faces can take any number of forms, like for example, the front panel of a piece of stereo gear. You're either attracted or repulsed by the unit's look.

Hopefully, you're attracted.

When we design a new piece of stereo equipment, whether it's a loudspeaker or a preamplifier, looks matter greatly. Not only is it important to be appealing to the eye, but the look of any product should also tell a story about what's inside and what to expect.

Like a bright, shiny, sleek automobile. Its appearance language suggests it's ready to go fast, or to be super comfortable, or perhaps luxurious.

The same is true for our stereo products.

A big power amplifier should look the part: brawny, heavy, powerful. A preamplifier should beg to be touched.

If the insides and audio performance match that of the unit's outward appearance, we're happy.

We all love a pretty face.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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