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I recently finished the BHK Signature power amplifier pages for the website starting with an essay entitled, "One man's pursuit of perfection." The process is to write an essay, break it down into pages and sections, add specific product details that become the website's More Details page. Proofreading the the BHK owner's manual I ran across a heading entitled: "Power cords matter". Many readers of this blog have asked me to address the reasons why they might matter and, even, if they matter. I have steadfastly avoided the subject because it is the single most contentious of them all, but perhaps it's time we at least poke the hornet's nest a little. Let me begin by stating: power cords do matter - in many cases, a lot. Secondly, let me suggest I do not know why, at least not to my own satisfaction. I hear many explanations that peg my internal BS meter, yet our apparent inability to explain differences we hear should not be taken as proof we don't. Time and again I have performed valid tests demonstrating clear contrasts between identical gauge power cables. I just can't look you in the eye and say definitively why. In the next days we will travel down the bumpy road together and share what we hear, what we know, what we suspect, and what others propose. Perhaps through extended dialog we may find enlightenment, but it is more likely we'll be stung by angry hornets.
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Paul McGowan

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