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Yesterday's post about Bi-wiringreminded me of an email I got from my friend Bill Low of Audioquestwho corrected some of my statements about "wireless". There really isn't (and won't be for a long while) a wireless anything in audio as we have to get AC power to the equipment - and to do this, we need a power cable. In the late 1990's we introduced many in the high-end world to the concept of the high-end power cable with one of the very first, the Lab Cable- and to this day, we have a very well received line of power cables used in thousands of systems around the world. It turns out that the guys at Bill's company are running around the country demonstrating the difference their power cables make with, of all things, a wireless B and W Zepplin playing iTunes music through Airplay. Wow, that's pretty innovative and a good reminder of the importance of power cables. I know this post will raise the hair on the necks of some - those believing that it's hard enough to swallow differences in audio cables, and now power - but it's a plain old fact (one worthy of much debate and demonstration). Just remember that the investment you've made in your system deserves your attention to detail perhaps more than most products you own. High-end systems thrive on being connected properly and the power cable is something central to anything we might dream up in the future. So, wireless ain't really wireless. Forgive me, my error.
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