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"If your going to sell high end cars like a Corvette, you need to drive it, shift it, corner it, to appreciate it. The thrill of whipping around in a Corvette is pretty righteous and just ignites passion inside of one when experienced." Brad Paulson writes a terrific and insightful article about passion in PS Tracks and you can read it here. High performance audio is the same thing as selling Corvettes - if you're passionate about it you can inspire people to share your passion. I think it's worth repeating and remembering why many of us are in the high-end in the first place - we're passionate about music, performance and the gear. "Passion is synonymous with emotion. Music is an emotional experience. All of us as salespeople that work for shops and manufacturers that are charged with saving the world from bad sound, need to take the time to enjoy the experience, over and over and over so we can share that with others. Light the passion inside of us, and there is no limit to how we can share that with others. Play it and they will come."
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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