Passing Trains

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Passing Trains

I have probably spent a total of 5 minutes on social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tock, and whatever new connection program out there has zero interest for me. It feels like a potential blackhole vortex waiting to suck me in and chew up my time without any obvious benefit.

The counter I hear to that is that I am missing out on connecting with people. That because everyone’s using these platforms to connect with each other, those not engaged are like people not invited to the party.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never been too big on parties.

I do spend, however, a great deal of time on our own forums and comment sections specific to these posts and our HiFi Family.

I wonder if this is the same thing with just different rules?

Missing out on the general news and gossip that seems prevalent on social media seems to bother only those immersed in it.

To me, it’s more like waving at a passing train. Interesting for the half-second I see a familiar face and then they are gone.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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