Parts matter

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Parts matter

Of all the things we do at PS Audio, perhaps what drives some people crazy more than anything is our insistence that parts matter to sound quality.

No one would argue that the difference between a precision value resistor or a matched tube or transistor in a critical area isn't important. We can easily measure the differences in performance. But what of the various types of capacitor or resistor construction? For caps, there are ceramic, electrolytic, tantalum, film and foil, metalized film, dozens of different dielectric materials, and multiple conductor types to name just a few. And choices of resistors are perhaps just as dizzying.

Most measure identically in a circuit, yet sound remarkably different.

In mass-market consumer audio, where price is the point and performance is judged by meters and marketing people rather than experienced listeners, the many choices of parts quality are a Godsend for keeping prices in check.

High-end audio's quite another thing altogether. Brands that place performance first and price second, use any and all available choices to get what they want out of a design.

Parts matter, but in different ways to different designers.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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