Nearfield FR30 loudspeakers

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Nearfield FR30 loudspeakers
The first round of FR30 loudspeakers are almost ready to be shipped to anxious customers. We're close. Very close. How exciting! Never ones to rest for very long, as we're waiting for the FR30s to be released into the wild we tasked the FR30s designer, PS Audio senior loudspeaker engineer Chris Brunhaver with building us a pair of custom nearfield monitors for Octave Records. These are one-of-a-kind, active nearfield monitors tuned specifically to the main control room at Octave Records. This is super exciting. As many know, one of our goals at Octave is to be end-to-end perfect. To hear everything from the microphones to the final master on the FR30s. This will not only ensure we hear every last nuance possible, but the level of consistency in recordings will be quite remarkable. Problem is that in the tracking control room where we lay down the recording tracks, the engineer has to be fairly close to the window looking out into the studio. This means that when he or she is making decisions based on microphone techniques and creating the rough mix they will have to be closer to the FR30s than they were designed for. Enter in our resident speaker genius to save the day. If you're curious about how these turned out and the thought behind them, I put together a brief video that you can watch here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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