Microphone preamps

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Microphone preamps
As Gus Skinas and we build out the new recording facility we run into the inevitable issues of electronics, in particular, the microphone preamplifiers. There are so many opinions on which preamp topology betters the next you'd think we were back in audiophile land. Maybe worse. There's transformer coupled designs, transformerless, tubes, transistors, high voltage, low voltage, vintage, and modern miracles to choose from. And, of course, it's us so we will roll our sleeves up and design our own. Heck, it's what we do. And, like audio electronics, we'll use (gasp) our ears! in the designs. As we do in our stereo products we'll start with a supposition based on a lot of research. We'll then poke around at what's available and see what floats our collective boats when it comes to capturing the essence and soul of music through microphones. And then we will combine all that we've learned into crafting a new device that perfectly suits our needs. No, we're not going to worry about making commercially viable microphone preamplifiers for the recording industry. We won't be hamstrung by the needs for differentiating them in the marketplace, the trap of building what we hope others will like and buy. For our quest to capture music's heart and soul we need only to focus on the results. Like a magician building the perfect trick to elicit gasps of astonishment our only goal is to build what pleases our ears and bags the beauty of voices and instruments. I cannot imagine a more exciting project.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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