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Laser focus

The sharper our focus the narrower our view. We often miss seeing the forest because we're focused on a single leaf. More than once I have been so pleased with a new setup that I never noticed the channels were reversed.

I remember back to the 70s when PS Audio's co-founder Stan Warren and I used to go out to lunch together to discuss circuitry. We'd pack up in Stan's little VW and head west from Santa Maria to a little turnout halfway to Guadalupe. There, we'd roll a nice fat one and smoke it down before starting our discussions on building new circuitry.

One of the problems with this design approach is we reeked of pot when we came back to the office. Then I found a miracle cure called Ozium. This slender white and blue aerosol spray can was effective for the elimination of some pretty nasty odors like those in a dentist's office when that drill smoked out tooth decay. The general wisdom of the crowd was that once applied in a reasonable dose, the smell of marijuana smoke was completely eradicated.

Armed with our trusty can of Ozium and a bag of the good stuff, we headed for our usual spot confident we'd not be discovered back at work. An hour later, following an intense design discussion on how to lower noise in a moving coil amplifier circuit, we stopped at the local market to put an end to the munchies. As I walked through the checkout stand the cashier raised a single eyebrow and smirked.

"You boys must have had quite a lunch." She waved her hand back and forth to clear the imaginary smoke.

We were caught! How could she have known?

Certain the Ozium had eliminated any trace of our misdeeds I told Stan about the incident and shared my frustration over our new found miracle not working. Stan shook his head and reached over to pull the tightly rolled plastic baggie full of pot out of my shirt pocket.

It's true. Sometimes we're looking so hard in one direction we miss the Mack truck that runs us over.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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