Music or kit?

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Music or kit?

One of the classic circular arguments in our hobby is what's more important, music or kit? 

We can't enjoy our gear without music and we can't enjoy music without our gear.

So one argument goes that we love the kit so much that we'll play anything on it, even music we're not particularly in love with. We do this to revel in the sonic fireworks for a great system. A good example of this is from an ancient Reference Audio recording of drummer Mickey Hart , Dafos, where one of the big drums he's whacking on falls over and makes a huge thud. On a great system this will eject you out of your seat. At audio shows of years ago there would be a line out our door all waiting to hear that piece—not because of its musicality but because of the sonic electricity.

On the other side of the coin are the songs and performances that make you swoon regardless of how they're played back. 

Wouldn't you imagine that every one of us has some of both of these traits? I certainly do. And I'll bet you do as well.

As audiophiles we tend to rank ourselves: serious, not so serious; musically committed, gear committed. I have never quite figured out why we do this, though I see it in almost every passion-driven endeavor I know of from car buffs to wine aficionados to gourmands.

Perhaps it's just human nature?

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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