Is Octave a rebirth?

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Is Octave a rebirth?
On occasion I get some really interesting mail, like this from Chris in Ohio:
"As a native Clevelander and a long time audiophile, I have always had a thing for Telarc records. I see a lot of common ground in what you like (DSD, high quality recording equipment, using the state of the art media ) and how Telarc was. My question is, do you see Octave Records as a rebirth in a Telarc like recording company or in some ways model after Telarc?"
I would say that few among us haven't swooned over a Telarc release of some kind. Whether the 1812 Overture with its real cannons or a gorgeous symphony recording, the Telarc label stands head and shoulders high alongside audiophile greats like Sheffield and Reference Recordings. I remember the first CES show where the Infinity IRS was being played. It was in Chicago's McCormick Center and Arnie Nudell was personally demonstrating the massive IRS III. Their source was original master tapes from Telarc with founders Jack Renner and (if I remember correctly) Robert Woods pushing the buttons. What an experience. There was a line out the door and well into the hall to hear this magical combination. I would say that Octave Records doesn't quite aspire to be so big as Telarc. I believe at their height they had close to 100 employees, doubling the number that we at PS Audio have right now. No, I think Octave will focus more on becoming a reference standard for recording quality and technological advances. To be a showcase for what is possible and hopefully to someday lure even big-time artists into our studios—not because we're such a big label, but because we're among the best in the world at what we do. We promise to question convention and move forward with what sounds the best. To strive to have each and every release a step above the last. And most of all, Octave wants to be your go to label for high-performance audio and great, great music. Thanks for being a part of our community.
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Paul McGowan

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