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I love butter. As a committed vegetarian for more than half my life that might sound strange, but butter is my vice. Cold slabs of the yellow delight mashed into the open face crumb of artisan bread is almost as good as the best olive oil, and sometimes it's even more satisfying. Just for the sheer gluttony of it.

Music can be an indulgence too, though many of us would classify it as more necessity. With my 12-hour 6-day a week work schedule the time allotted for music's indulgence is less than it should be, yet no less exhilarating when the opportunity arises.

We indulge our desires with new equipment, new music, new experiences. We're thrilled when someone sends us a link to a spectacular recording or musical performance: treasures to be savored and indulged upon.

Just for the sheer gluttony of it.

I never feel guilty of my indulgence.

Often, it's what makes life worth living.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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