In search of better

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In search of better
If we're buying a new amplifier we expect to pay a higher price for more: features, power, energy storage, damping factor. On the flip side, we're equally comfortable paying a higher price for less: distortion, impedance, elements in the signal path, noise. In an age where many think we're always out after more, more, and more, it's refreshing to consider that it can be equally beneficial to seek out less. What we're really after is better. Better is a much cleaner term because it distinguishes between the wanted and unwanted. Whenever I start leaning in the direction of more I stop myself and readjust my thinking to consider better. Better food is preferable to more. A single Better performance is preferable to a greater number of mediocre ones. I think it's valuable to think more in terms of better than more.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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