Always hopeful

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Always hopeful

Whenever I get a new recording, chosen because the music's something I am sure I'll enjoy, I am always hopeful the recording will stand out as something special on its own. That magical combination of great music you love to listen to + a really well recorded piece. Why is this so rare?

We're disappointed when one or the other doesn't line up and thrilled to find a gem of both musical value and appreciation of the recorded arts.

I am always questioning how musicians, many of whom spend their lives refining and mastering their craft, seem to leave out how their music will sound when played back. I suppose the same's true for live performances: many get it right, but so many more don't seem to understand the importance of how it sounds to their audiences. Imagine a painter who spends her life mastering the skills necessary to paint and then displays that painting only to display it in dim light so the intended audience can never appreciate the work properly. Makes no sense to me.

Do you think it's incumbent on the artists to make this better? Do you think perhaps most artists already think their work is reproduced the way they intended? Or do you think they just don't care?

I am curious.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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