Harmonic riches

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Harmonic riches

One of the reasons I love acoustic guitar is its wealth of harmonic richness. Contained in the pluck of a string or the strum of a chord is a treasure chest of overtones. Pianos come close, but rarely the same as an acoustic guitar.

Those ringing tones with their complex subtle decays are oftentimes the first to be lost in an amplification chain. And when they are lost, the culprit is often tough to track down because of the many layers of potential thieves in our systems.

For example, even the best amplification chains mask what's been captured by the recording if the equipment is merely plugged into the AC wall socket. Worse, is when a passive conditioner gets in the way. In the first case of a direct AC connection, the garbage and problems inherent in the AC line muddle the music in the same way it's hard to hear quiet sounds in a noisy room. Using a passive power conditioner removes the muddle but at the expense of washing away harmonic richness.

An AC regenerator solves both problems.

Once the AC issues are solved by peeling the onion back a few layers, we discover there's plenty more in the way.

Digging deep to uncover harmonic richness is a step-by-step process.

The riches at the end of the journey are well worth the digging.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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