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I've posted about this before: there simply aren't any good places to go to find pre-packaged entry or mid level high-end audio products. That's a mistake.

If we've gone to all the trouble to create a brand for the high-end, then certified products as true high-end audio products that live up to the brand promise, then anyone interested should be able to go to a catalog, a retailer, a website and find those very products organized into groups for ready purchase and easy access. Without it, it's a promise unfulfilled.

I would want to see entry level systems starting at $500 and going up to whatever someone wants. But complete systems - and no they don't have to be by a single manufacturer and probably shouldn't. A great pair of loudspeakers, a fine little integrated or receiver and connected with high-end certified cables.

If not the dealers, then how about the magazines? How about the webzines? Why are only a very small handful of retailers putting systems together to engage customers? I know they have the brands and I know they have the knowledge.

Step 3 is a critical step after we engage the first 2.

Tomorrow, getting the word out.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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