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Step 2 in building a growing high-end audio community isto identify, qualify and certify a group of products giving people permission to purchase. In the first step we created a simple understandable brand around high-end audio that gets us closer to the music and clears the crap out of the way to do that. Now it's time to help people looking for that brand to make sure they get exactly what the brand promises. Yesterday we used organic as a brand concept example: today we go back to it. If you're looking for organic food, our society gives you permission to purchase those items only if they are certified by a group of experts. We don't know who those experts are or what criteria they use to certify our food but we accept their findings and buy only certified organics. The same should happen for high-end. We should form an approval committee to certify products as true high-end. Maybe it's a group of magazine reviewers, maybe a group of manufacturers, maybe a community group. Form a group, create a website, build members and interest. is available right now. What would make one product high-end while others not? I don't have the ready formula for that but I, like you, know it if I hear it. It shouldn't be too difficult. By creating an agreed upon certification process we clear away all the numbskulls that claim to be high-end but in fact make bad sounding products that don't serve the music and give prospective customers a clear path to getting the brand promise in their hands. Tomorrow making it easier to access.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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