Shouting out loud

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Once we have all the elements to grow the high-end community in place: brand, certification and access then we need to get the word out and watch it grow.

This process may be best suited by working backwards. Since these posts reach a mere 1300 people, I doubt the ideas presented in these posts are going to get a lot of attention in the community. So perhaps the best way to get the word out about building a stronger, larger high-end community by taking the steps outlined is to try and get these posts to go viral and receive more attention.

Think of it like trying to get the word out about preventing fires - you need a fire to start the discussion and gain interest and traction.

If we agree that a larger community is beneficial to us all because it brings us more music, innovative products, technology breakthroughs and just plain fun, then we need to take action to get people motivated.

1300 readers is a lot if just 10% of you start writing letters to the editor, posting on forums, emailing these posts to your friends, whatever. We can start to get some motion going if we want to. If we wait for "them" to do it for us it's probably never going to happen.

I have provided a clear and concise game plan to growing our community. It remains to be seen if there's enough interest to start a fire.

Tomorrow, the last in this series: a practical example.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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