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For those who have yet to hear about Octave's latest release, The Nature of Things by FoxFeather, let me be the first to tell you about it. FoxFeather is two wonderfully talented ladies, Carly and Laura, backed up by a great band. Here's a video I put together of the two. I am in love with this album. The songs get in my head and I find myself humming them all day long. Just wonderful music. When the band was recording their rhythm tracks at the Vernon Barn (in the middle of nowhere-Colorado), Terri and I were there. I'll never forget drummer Jay Elliott's powerful licks that filled that entire space. Gus and Eben Grace (of Grace Design) were recording everything in pure DSD and to this day I remain blown away at the sound quality that was captured. You probably get tired of me telling you this is the best Octave recording yet, but dang it if it isn't true! David Campbell said it better than I.
"A phenomenal album. Electrifyingly real, with spectacular air and presence. Another good job very well done. Please keep it up! You’re leaving the others in the dust."
Indeed, if you want a great add to your collection, FoxFeather is it. Thanks for supporting musicians and Octave Records. Check out FoxFeather's The Nature of Things here.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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