The creation of the Absolute Sound

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After reading yesterday's post about the Bose 901 system I got a note from Harry Pearson and I am reprinting it in today's post (with his kind permission). "Perhaps I should tell you how thisvery speaker system prompted the creation ofThe Absolute Sound. hint: it started with the two page up frontreview (not in the review section) of High Fidelitywritten by Norman Eisenberg. Unprecedented coverageand yet no one seems to have thought of the obviousphilosophical and intellectual reason it couldn't work...the Bose "scientists" said the company's men had mademeasurements of Symphony Hall in Boston and found a direct/to/reflected ratio of sound there and thus modeledthe 911 on that. What this meant if you think about it, even a recording made in the hall would be wrong, and a recording made in any other hall would have to be wrong. ....and moreover the Bose engineers, because of the company's paucity of money at that point were seated under the balcony, the worst place to make a measurement." Now, I don't know about you, but I would love to see HP writing a daily blog. You just can't read stuff like this anywhere else. Come on Harry, give us more!
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