Crafting with intent

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Crafting with intent

In a recent post, I wrote about the power of a strong point of view—knowing where you want to go then working hard to get there.

Another way to say that is crafting with intent.

Years ago, in the golden age of recordings where labels like Mercury, Decca, and RCA, produced treasured works of great orchestras, their arsenal of recording tools was limited. Yet, despite the shortcomings, they managed to do what it takes to get where they wished to go.

Their secret was working with what they had until they got where they wanted to go. Intent and hard work can trump shortcomings in equipment and format.

Or consider another example perhaps closer to home. Time and again we've witnessed skillful setup of average equipment outperforming poorly placed megabuck systems.

Knowing where we want to go and what we can expect upon arrival is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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