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We connect with our friends, the news, the internet, the latest gadgets, our stereos with cables.

We connect to music through emotions like tears, toe tapping, thrills, anticipation, excitement, sheer joy.

And the better our stereo systems the closer we are connected to the music.

Up to a point.

When I hold a CD cover in my hand, look at cover art on the front panel of the new DirectStream Transport, or read of an artist on my iPad, I get closer to the music than if listening to a black box.

It occurs to me that the closest connections to music start with live visualization of the performance. Everything makes more audible sense when I can first see the setup.

The next best thing is great sound + cover art. Having a fresh image of the performance or the artist to hold in my imagination as I close my eyes takes the auditory experience to a new level.

The maximization of one sense, like our ears, is always bettered by connecting with other senses at the same time.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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