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Have you ever thought about how many different people you've been in your lifetime? The Paul of high school is very different than the one typing this note—even the me of a decade ago isn't the same as today and there's every indication tomorrow will bring more changes. It's a funny thing but if I were to ask if the you of today is what you'll remain into the future your answer would likely be "yes" because in your mind it feels like you've finally arrived at the place you were meant to be. Right? But looking back over your history that appears to have never been the case and so it is unlikely you will suddenly stop changing. In fact, it's downright wrong. Change is the only constant in our lives. My love of hifi began more than 40 years ago, though the stages I have been through during those ensuing decades are all over the map. At one point I was convinced planar speakers—in particular, electrostats—were my mainstay. What would ever make me move away from their crystal clear sound, breathtaking accuracy, uncanny speed? The me of those days couldn't imagine anything else until I discovered dynamics and realized they hadn't any. How could I have been so shortsighted? My biggest shortcoming of younger days was being judgemental. If you didn't agree with me then I judged you as either not up to the task or just not getting it. For, surely I was right—and if I am right that would mean you are… What hubris! What foolishness! I hang my head in shame for the me of yesterday. I am better today and have lost the judgemental attitude. I have finally arrived at the person I want to be and it feels as if I always will be. Only…I know that is not true. I will look back in yet another decade to realize how flimsy and wrong that resolve is. We are only who we think we are for a fleeting moment. I suppose that along life's path there have been bridges burned; certainly, mistakes made. I was asked about those burned bridges and my thoughts are in this video.
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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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