Complexity of sound

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Thinking a bit recently about needle drops and the sound of vinyl (as I mentioned in my earlier post).

It occurs to me that if one can fully capture something without loss then logically the capture method is better than what's being captured.

It's only been recently that digital capture has gotten good enough to grab what's on analog without much change, yet for some time now we've been able to capture perfectly the sound of vinyl (Fremer's been doing that for years).

Which says to me that pure analog as captured by a microphone is far more complex than a vinyl reproduction of it.

As I write those words it seems rather obvious to me that of course that's the case. That vinyl, for all its wonderfulness and loyal followers who prefer it to digital, could never capture and reproduce all that comes from a microphone.

Not to diminish the magic of vinyl because that's obvious to anyone with a great setup.

No, this rant is just an observational rambling about what's possible in the world of perfecting audio capture.

We're so close.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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