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Many years ago, in the mid 1970s, Terri and I had a pregnant cat we were very fond of. She was a stray that simply wandered into our home in Georgia and decided this was where she would settle down. What are we going to say?

We called her simply, Mama.

On our long trip back to California in our Volkswagen van, Mama lived up to her name and delivered 5 kittens. To say they were the cutest creatures we'd yet seen was an understatement. Give them up? Give them away? Hell no. We kept the family together as we all moved into our new California digs and started PS Audio, nearly 50 years ago.

They are, of course, only a distant memory now and, though we've never owned another cat since, it seems we've simply switched from felines to humans.

Over the years, the challenge of running a company feels increasingly like trying to herd a collection of cats in a single direction—something that is near impossible regardless of whether it's cats or people.

Cats might have been easier.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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