Can There Be A Right And Wrong?

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Can There Be A Right And Wrong?

Whether you believe in gravity or not you’re going to get hurt when you hit the pavement after falling off a 30-foot ladder.

It’s not a question of right or wrong to wonder about the validity of gravity. The decision to fall off the ladder might be one where right and wrong play a role, just not the outcome.

Gravity is always right.

In a distantly similar vein, the question of right and wrong becomes less clear as it applies to transducers, connecting cables, and electronics.

And this is because, like cables, cartridges, electronics, and loudspeakers, none are perfect.

One cannot with any accuracy suggest this microphone, that phono cartridge, that amplifier, or that connecting cable is “right” because unlike the finality of gravity all to some degree are wrong.

And once you grasp the idea that everything in our system is in error, then it becomes a lot easier to pick and choose between imperfections to get as close as possible to what feels right.

Right for the moment; right under the circumstances; right for today.

When it comes to audio reproduction there’s no right or wrong.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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