Cable break in

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Cable break in

Cables, just like equipment, change with use. Connect an HDMI cable to the I2S output of a transport and on the other end into a DAC and the audio quality you hear will be improved over time and use.


I have heard cables become too soft with time, an indication it was the wrong choice of cable for the synergy of the system.

But, still, it changed.

One of the challenges I am often faced with is explaining the mechanism of change for both cables and equipment. And while there are some feel-good answers like changes in dielectric, I don't share them any longer.


Because they are too easy to refute. To many, including me, they make no technical sense. But then, neither does anything in quantum mechanics.

An easy and often used cop out is the tired mantra of if you can't explain it then it doesn't exist. Or worse, I cannot measure any differences therefore there are none.

I can see love but I cannot explain or measure it.

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Paul McGowan

Founder & CEO

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